Picture of the Week CXIV

Staying in Tel Aviv and once again at the beach, here's a shot pulled from the igoogled collection. Sometimes it's just plain hard to take a bad shot when you'v... Read More...

Picture of the Week CXIII

This week we stay with those gorgeous beaches in Tel Aviv for a shot from one of my favorite beaches, Hof HaTzuk, or Cliff Beach. Love the composition of this o... Read More...

Picture of the Week CXII

Again we head off to the beach, as this is probably one of the best places to be during these hot, sultry summer months. And no question about it, when those su... Read More...

Picture of the Week CXI

As the beach season well and truly kicks in, it's time for some classic beach shots, we thinks. And first up is this one, a great sunset kiss!... Read More...
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Picture of the Week CIX

This week we head off down the coast to the beach at Palmachim. About 10km south of Tel Aviv, this is one of the best beaches in Israel, but not quite as amazin... Read More...

Tel Aviv in December

I'm not sure how many times we've told you about the stonkingly awesome weather in Israel, but we'll keep on doing it until you get your ticket and come over an... Read More...



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