Ta’am Kinneret (Taste the Sea of Galilee) Food Festival!

Sea of GalileeThe Sea of Galilee (known as Kinneret in Hebrew) is always an enticing, magical place to visit, but the end of December appears to be the time when you just won’t be able to refuse her charms any longer – it’s the Ta’am Kinneret Food Festival!

Now in it’s 7th year, the Ta’am Kinneret Festival is a great opportunity to indulge in some of the culinary delights of the area – and there are plenty! The Festival runs from 21-31 December, and we’ve picked out some of the highlights below (for more details, call 04-6752727 or see the main site (Hebrew only)):

22.12.11 – Tamar BeKfar (on Moshav Kinneret) is holding a wine and cheese tasting evening, and will also introduce you to the delights of…sesame!

23.12.11 – The 3rd King of the Poyke competition hits town! Held at the Marinado restaurant in En Gev between 10:00 and 14:00, this is a great afternoon out on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, and includes lots of grill cooking, beer on tap, and a show by Pablo Rozenberg.

21-31.12.11 – Galita Chocolate (on Kibbutz Deganya Bet) will be holding special Hanukkah themed workshops for kids and adults all through the Festival.

31.12.11 – Rotenberg restaurant (located at the Old Bridge, just south of the Sea of Galilee) will be holding an amazing fusion-themed New Year’s Eve celebration, kicking off at 21:00.

Bon appetit!

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