Savoring the succulent summer meats of the Inbal Grill!

Inbal Grill Jerusalem

Every summer, the rather lovely Inbal Hotel in Jerusalem opens its restaurant, the Inbal Grill.

Now under chef Nir Elkayam, we have to confess – the Inbal Grill looks like being a must-try place every summer!

It only opens during the summer months (from early June til the end of September) but we were won over by the lovely open courtyard settings, which was quiet and cool enough on one of Jerusalem’s hottest ever days! The light, summer vibe was enhanced by a duo on the piano and saxophone, pumping out some chilled tunes; apparently the musical accompaniment changes every evening, but I’m sure whatever it is, it will be the perfect companion for your meal.

OK, the vibe is summery perfection – but what about the food?

Well, if you’re a meat lover, you’re going to love the Inbal Grill! Since the restaurant is based on the Brazilian style grill, there is no real menu to choose from – just let the waiters guide you into selecting the best selection of meats available (as far as I could tell, there are two options: a platter of all the six types of meats, or six separate servings, brought to you by the waiters as and when you’re ready for them).

We went with the six different servings of meat, which were preceded by some very tasty salads and fresh focaccia. Be careful not to go overboard on these salads, as they in themselves are enough to keep your stomach from rumbling for a day or two! Especially tasty were the Belgian-style potato wedges, seasoned nicely and sprinkled with salt.

The meats then come at you; starting with the “lighter” meats, such as the succulent chicken breasts and shnitzel, perfect for the kids. But the more mature of us enjoyed the very tasty entrecote, and then the very juicy asado (short ribs).

The desserts were also great, freshly diced watermelon with additional bowls of ice-cream for the kids, followed by a tray of pastries and special little cakes, perfect for all the family!

A meal costs 190 shekels per person (around $45; children under 12 are 90 shekels), but take into consideration you get an all-you-can-eat selection of salad appetizers and the six different styles of meat. We were guests of the Inbal Grill, but have to say, this is a mighty fine Jerusalem dining option for anybody who loves meat!

Note that there is also free parking for two hours for Inbal Grill guests; when making a reservation (02-6756692 / 6689) just confirm parking is available. The restaurant is also Kosher.

Inbal Hotel 3 Jabotinsky Street, Jerusalem
Sunday to Thursday, 6:30 pm to 10 pm.



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