Saving the Dead Sea: take a boat ride to help save this amazing lake

dead sea boat tripWithout a doubt, the Dead Sea is one of the most unique places in the world. It’s also one of our own personal faves, a spot we’ve visited on many an occasion, and yet a spot that still wows us every single time…

Of course, you’ll probably have heard about visiting the lowest point on the planet and floating in the Dead Sea, or splashing on some of that mineral-packed Dead Sea mud, and yep, these are two of the things you HAVE to do when visiting the Dead Sea, regardless of how touristy they may seem.

But in all the excitement and anticipation of seeing one of the world’s true wonders, you might not have heard about the current plight of the Dead Sea. Because the Dead Sea is dying, and dying at an ever-increasing rate.

But – isn’t the Dead Sea already, er, dead?

Well, yes, dead in that nothing can really survive in the sea, as has been the case for thousands of years.

However, just in the last century, the water levels of the Dead Sea have gone down some 35 meters – today the water levels currently stand at minus 420 meters below sea level. More alarmingly, scientists estimate that by the year 2050, only a little pool of salt will remain. So, yes, at the current rate, you can forget about your grandkids splashing on some of that Dead Sea mud…

Perhaps the most shocking thing about the current state of the Dead Sea is that there seems to be little government resolve to fixing the problem – in fact, it’s left to individuals like Noam Bedein to raise awareness and spread the word about the woes of the lowest lake in the world…

Noam is a photographer who recently set up a Dead Sea exploration boat trip to raise awareness by showing groups of tourists and locals a full visual account of what is actually happening. He goes out with fellow activist Jacky Ben Zaken, in Jacky’s motorized dinghy, and points out some of the major visual highlights that can only be seen from the water.

dead sea boat tripWe went out with Noam while on our recent caravan tour of Israel, and were shocked at the extent of the rapidly decreasing water levels. Perhaps the most amazing moment is when I sat on a salt-encrusted beach and Noam told me I was probably the first person in the world to ever sit on that beach (up until a few months ago it had been under water)…

If you’re looking to see something a little different, something with a little more substance and value, try one of these exploration boat rides of the Dead Sea. They are incredibly insightful, and can only help bring awareness to the state of the Dead Sea. It’s not too expensive (approximately $75 for a 3-hour trip), and will show you a side to the Dead Sea you really weren’t aware of…but should be.

Highly recommended, and yes, we will be championing these boat trips to help raise awareness. And yep, we want our grandkids to have that money shot, reading a newspaper while floating in the warm, salty waters of the most amazing lake in the world…

To get in touch with Noam, see his website or call 054-5598977.

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