Our new Events Calendar will keep you updated with the very latest events in Israel!

Event Calendar…And not only that, you can integrate it easily with your Google Calendar, so you’ll never have a reason for not knowing again!

The calendar will be regularly updated with the latest and greatest events, including upcoming concerts, festivals, exhibitions, and sporting events. To see more info about a specific event, just click on an event to display a popup window that includes the main details. If you need more, click on the link in the popup!

To access the Event Calendar. click on the image to the right, or from any page on the site, click on the Upcoming Events in Israel banner in the right sidebar.

To integrate our Calendar with your Google Calendar:

  1. Click the iCal Feed button, below our Event Calendar.
  2. Copy the displayed URL: https://igoogledisrael.com/?rhc_action=get_icalendar_events&post_type[]=events
  3. Open your Google Calendar.
  4. In the Other Calendars section in the left sidebar, click on the small arrow icon and from the displayed list of options, select Add by URL.
  5. In the displayed popup, enter the URL you copied in Step 2, and click Add Calendar.

The Calendar should now be included under the Other Calendars section, and you will receive automatic reminders for each event.

Easy peasy!

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot them our way!




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