Now this is Jerusalem foodie heaven: the annual Open Restaurants Jerusalem festival!

Open Restaurants JerusalemThe now annual Open Restaurants Jerusalem festival looks like one to add to your culinary calendar!

Started in 2016, the festival features an incredible lineup of restaurants, chefs, and workshops, all designed to keep a foodie feeling fabulous!

This is also the perfect opportunity to combine some of Jerusalem’s amazing history and attractions with some of Jerusalem’s finest eateries, providing guests with an insider’s view into the best kitchens with hands-on cooking workshops, food lectures, and chef-guided tours of their favorite open-air markets, museums and neighborhoods.

Open Restaurants takes on a very similar concept to the festival that takes place in Tel Aviv every year, with 60 foodie events spread over 4 days.

During the festival, Open Restaurants will also present a culinary hackathon where food tech entrepreneurs will host workshops and explore how we can work together to change our current food system.

This year’s festival (2017) takes place on November 14-18.

For further details, see the official website, or catch them on Facebook.

For a teaser that will have your taste-buds a-tingling, see below…

Photo by Tomer Foltyn


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