National Geographic discovers the ugly Israeli

Well, as this site is all about Israel, warts and all, it’s about time you met the ugly side of Israel. In fact, the ugly Israeli. And yes, the ugly Israeli even has a name – the Arse (yes, pronounce it as you know how) or Arsim (plural). Hopefully you won’t get to meet too many on your trip to the Holy Land, but they do pop up almost everywhere.

If you’re particularly lucky and get to visit South Tel Aviv, or downtown in any of the big and small cities, you may well encounter them in groups. Watch out for their white vests and chunky gold jewellery, Middle Eastern music pumping out of car stereos, cigarettes behind ears, and, if you get really close and you’re still not sure, check out their little baby finger’s fingernail. If it’s monstrously long and pointy, you have yourself an Arse. They’re usually harmless enough though the music they play should be subject to some kind of health warning…

Even the National Geographic has documented the phenomena that is the Arse. The following video should give you a greater understanding of the Arse and his environment*.

* Of course, the video is tongue-in-cheek, I believe made by Israeli comedians, just can’t recall who…



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