Love wine? Don’t miss the Israeli Wine Tasting Festival!

If you love your wine (and your cheese), one of your must-see spots this week in the Holy Land has to be the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

You can take a culture overdose of antiquities, jazz and wine at this annual wine festival, spread over three glorious Jerusalem summer nights (meaning you should even consider taking a sweater or long-sleeve something, as temperatures do often drop at night in the hills of Jerusalem).

The Israeli Wine Tasting Festival has become perhaps the leading wine festival in Israel since its inception back in 2003 (you might be interested to know that it was actually established to bring some respite from the city’s terror-hit years). And with the classy jazz background music, and free entrance to the Israel Museum (only on Tuesday and until 9pm), the festival has quickly established itself as one of Jerusalem’s summer highlights.

Some of Israel’s leading wineries will be there of course (including the recently voted best wine producer in the world!), from all over Israel. And there’ll also be some of the young upstarts who fancy taking on the big boys, who will be out in force to try and convince you to have a sip…

The entrance fee of 70 shekels per evening entitles you to a free wine glass, which you can fill with wine until you can’t wine-taste no more! And if you fancy taking some wine home with you, you might be pleased to know that plenty of discounts will be on offer.

The festival this year takes place on 15th-18th August, at the Israel Museum’s delightful Sculpture Garden. Things kick off each night at 7pm.

For tickets – space is apparently limited – call 02-6259703, or check out the Israel Museum website (

And for those of you in Jerusalem at the end of the month, we’d highly recommend the annual Jerusalem Beer Festival: it might be a little less cultured, but is lots of fun!



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