Light up at the 2012 Jerusalem Light Festival!

Jerusalem Light Festival

The annual Festival of Light in the Old City of Jerusalem will be taking place between June 6-14, and will be once again adding a stunning and dramatic dimension to the amazing Old City walls and alleyways.

If you enjoyed the Old City before, then head on over to this unique Light Festival to see this amazing place in a new light, quite literally!

The action takes place throughout the Old City, but a typically good starting point is Jaffa Gate, where much of the action kicks off. Events will start at 20:00 each night and shut down at 24:00 (Friday June 9th the festival will not be open).

This annual festival brings the world’s best light sculptors to the Old City. As well as some of their amazing works on display throughout the Old City, there is also a special daily opera production of Verdi’s La Traviata, held at Zedekiah’s Cave. In addition, the famous dance troupe Mayumana will also be performing at least two shows daily throughout the festival (there is an entrance fee, call 02-6237000 for details). For more details about the festival, see the official site:

For a taste of what to expect at this amazing festival…



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