Israel: the good, the bad, and the ugly (Part 3)

police-security-israelSo, your guide to what’s good, bad and just plain ugly about the Holy Land comes to an end with this last list…which could get very ugly. Here it is, the absolute worst of Israel and yes, you have been warned!

Again, don’t take this too personally, these are things that really tick me off about Israel, and don’t forget I’ve been here a looong time. If you’re on a trip or vacation to the Holy Land, you’re likely to have an amazing time without getting hit by any of the following…

1…The weather. July/August in Tel Aviv just ain’t fun.

2…Israeli drivers. A law unto themselves. But then you already knew that

3…Parking in Tel Aviv. Those of us who know, know.

4…The Israeli taxman. And the amount of tax he puts on things like cars and takes out of salaries to rake in some cash.

5…A “No Christmas” Zone. Some might say this is a blessing, but I miss Christmas…

6…Israeli music, especially that sing-along ding-a-ling Mizrahi rubbish.

7… Arsim.

8…Plenty of idiots with absolutely no idea what a queue is. Including those who make out they didn’t realise there was a queue…

9…Religion vs the State. I’m officially an Israeli but cannot get married in this country.

10…Suckers (friers). And the eternal mission not to become one…

11…Politicians. Especially those faced with corruption/fraud/sexual harrassment charges and refusing to resign until their hands are cuffed.

12…The security threat, always lingering in the background (even though it’s been amazingly quiet recently).

13…The necessity to scream and shout in order to get what’s yours by right, something that takes a lot of learning…

14…Blatantly racist attitude towards foreign workers.

15…Inept bureaucracy that depends on whether the clerk dealing with you actually got any loving the previous night (or year…).

16…The small-minded locals who believe that Israel is the only country in the universe.

17…The absolute nightmare of spending holiday season in places like the Sea of Galilee.

18…Petah Tikva. Dimona. Bnei Brak. Truly ugly towns, that you hopefully won’t get to spend too much time in on a visit to Israel.

19…Obsession with how much you paid: the second question always asked during a conversation is “How much did it cost?”

20…The ability to horribly astound me…even after 20+ years…

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