Israel 2010: Reasons to be cheerful?

Just before the final minutes of 2009 tick away, it’s time to gaze into our crystal ball and to let you know what’s in store for 2010. This year has been a good one for Israel, if a little traumatic at the start of the year, what with the conflict in Gaza. But our crystal ball is working overtime to come up with a rosy 2010, let’s see what she can do…

First off: no more war, no more bloodshed. We all live in hope, right? And sometimes in this neck of the woods we need hope in bucket-loads. I’d say the year’s tranquility will depend on whether or not the captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit is set free. A deal has been on the cards for some time, but who knows if it’s really going to happen. The whole of Israel awaits a happy outcome, the only outcome that the Middle East should be working towards. The hysteria and great vibe that will result from his coming home might just overpower us all…

2010 is expected to be big, in regards to the number of tourists hitting the Holy Land. 2008 was a record year, while 2009 took a bit of a hit, largely thanks to the Gaza conflict at the start of the year. But with plans to market Israel more as a country of holy sites AND with no chance of a conflict to scare away the tourists (am I right or am I right?), 2010 is set to be the greatest year yet in Israeli tourism. And we like that! In fact, if things go well (on the peaceful side of things), I can see 4 million tourists checking out the Holy Land. Wow.

Sports-wise, Israel won’t be going to the biggest sporting event of 2010, the World Cup in South Africa. Frankly, Israeli football sucks, but you probably knew that already. But as South Africa is in the same Time Zone, the World Cup games will be on at a reasonable hour – and that means plenty of evening games screened live on TV. In June/July expect the bars in Tel Aviv to be teeming with intense, passionate men as we sway and cheer and shout and scream and throw beermats in disgust. Ladies, that’s a heads-up. Oh, and if we’re not in the bars, we’ll be in the local appliance store, snapping up the biggest, most sparkly LCD screens to watch the games at home.

Israeli super-super-supermodel Bar Refaeli is expected to blossom still further in her efforts to conquer the world. Expect more skin, if that is possible…

Perhaps not so cheery is the likelihood of yet another Israeli election. Israeli politicians love elections, and although it doesn’t look like there will be as of right now, you can count on some canny politician to engineer the downfall of the incumbent PM. A waste of money, time and energy, but hey, this is Israel!

And we DO expect this guy to get lucky again this year. For the twelfth time!

All in all, we think it’s going to be a cracker of a year! And we’ll be here at, taking you along for the ride! Please, mind the gap and step on board!

Happy New Year!



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