igoogledisrael.com – The Best of 2009

It’s been a great year for igoogledisrael.com. We actually set up the site at the tail end of 2008 and launched it just in time for Christmas. We’ve grown rapidly since, especially during the second half of 2009, and now average 100,000 page views per month (this month is the first to break the 100k barrier after hovering just under for the last 4 months). Pleased as punch, but plenty more to come…

And in celebration of a great year, here are the Top 10 posts of 2009, the posts which were the most viewed. A couple of surprises in there, but highly recommended reads if you haven’t already…


Our guide to the best cafes in Tel AvivWritten by the unofficial queen of Israel blogging at the start of 2009, this post took on a life of its own throughout the year, especially during the summer. Out in front by a mile.


The Ultimate Destination on your Israel trip – The Western Wall – Originally written at the end of 2008, this post has consistently been a big-hitter every month, regularly getting 400-500 views per month.


Depeche Mode – Live in the Holy Land – The show that launched a glorious summer of gigs for a concert-hungry Israeli audience. The gig was great, but just how did this post become a spammer’s magnet? Copious amounts of the stuff on this post and as a result, not sure its high position is genuine.


Jerusalem: The Holy City – Another post originally written at the end of 2008, this post has been a big-hitter every single month. A quick guide to Jerusalem, for those who need an introduction.


Tel Aviv Beaches – Nice to see this one doing so well. I wrote this in the Spring, intending to give a rough guide to Tel Aviv’s main beaches. Looks like you liked it.


Top 10 things to see and do in Israel – This article has also been ever popular since it was first posted. It’s a quick look at the main reasons to come and visit the Holy Land.


Top 10 interesting facts about Israel – After noticing a lot of visits resulting from searches for facts about Israel, I launched a series of posts with some interesting, less known facts about Israel. This was the first and most popular.


Is it safe to travel to Israel? РOriginally written in 2008, this one has been getting some serious traffic every month, largely thanks to some good forum postings and, of course, worried tourists.


Can I visit Arab countries with an Israeli stamp in my passport? – After noticing in a forum that this question was regularly getting asked, I decided to put all the info into one post. Considering this article was posted in September, it’s been incredibly popular.


Israel’s Top 25 Bloggers – This article took a bit of work but I really wanted to pool the most interesting blogs in Israel (in English) on one page.¬†Some might not agree with my choices, but the list will soon be updated, so…



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