How to get from Ovda airport to Eilat

The new Eilat Ramon Airport is scheduled to open in 2018 and is thought to mean the end of international flights to Ovda…we will keep you posted.

bus from ovda to eilat

If you’re arriving at Ovda airport (and many low-cost flights are now doing exactly that), you’ll probably be looking for info on the best way to get from Ovda to Eilat (which is some 60 km away). Bear in mind that there are currently no car rental options at Ovda; be also aware that some websites out there will suggest there’s no other way to get to Eilat than via a private shuttle service – that’s just plain incorrect!

So, how do you get from Ovda airport to Eilat?

There are two main options – the good old bus, or a private taxi.

The private taxi will cost you a fair few shekels, and if you’ve got some suitcases be prepared for a charge on those too. The one thing about the taxis is that they are not strictly official (there is no taxi stand as such), so they may run out just when you need one…

The better option is the new 282 Egged bus service, which started in 2015 (and runs mainly in the winter, when most of the flights to Eilat come in). Note that the bus is scheduled according to each flight (including Saturdays); this means that there should be at least two buses waiting for you when you disembark from your flight. The bus is scheduled to leave 60 minutes after your flight has landed.

The 282 bus takes you directly to the Eilat Central Bus Station. Return buses start from the Taba border crossing some 3.5 hours before the flight is scheduled to take-off, so if you’re taking the bus from the Central Bus Station, make sure you’re there some 3 hours and 20 minutes before your flight is scheduled.

How much does the bus cost from Ovda airport to/from Eilat?

About €6 (25 shekels) for a single ticket Ovda Airport to Eilat

About €10 (42.5 shekels) for a round trip ticket Ovda Airport to Eilat to Ovda Airport

About €10.5 (39 shekels) for a weekly unlimited ride ticket for all of Eilat’s local routes (6 days for the price of 5 days)

The payment is in Israeli shekels, tickets can be purchased from the driver, or head to the airport baggage carousel, near which you will see a spot where they sell tickets.

For additional info, you can call +972-3-9143711, +972-3-9143712, or visit the Egged website (you’ll also see a list of all the stops the bus makes in Eilat, so make sure you get off at the stop closest to your hotel).

TIP: DO NOT take the 392 bus to Eilat, this will take you all around the various army bases in the region and will take a loooooong time to get to Eilat!

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