How I ended up in the Holy Land…THE BOOK!

So, for those of you who enjoyed my tale of how I ended up here in the Holy Land, or at least the first half of it, you’ll be pleased to know I finally finished the story! And yes, you can grab a copy of the whole sorry tale in ebook/Kindle form on Amazon!

It took a long time to complete, but I hope you’ll love it. Those who have already purchased it have been giving me some great feedback, including:

This should be made into a movie!

I bought the book and its on my computer but now I can’t stop reading it- can’t put it down, and my wife is complaining. Why was i not forewarned that this would happen??

Really good book, must read people!!!

So what are you waiting for – think of it as buying me a beer or coffee (it’s priced at $2.99 but in some countries Amazon is adding a little extra for “shipping”, nothing to do with me I’m afraid) in return for me spilling the beans.

Buy here on Amazon, or just click on the picture below…

My story...



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