Hanukkah means donuts (sufganyot) means Roladin – the 2013 collection!

Well, Hanukkah might be a little bit about the candles and the kiddie shows, but for those of us with a sweet tooth, we all know it’s about the donuts (or sufganyot, as they’re known in Hebrew).

There are usually some great donuts to sink your teeth into at this time of year (here are the three BEST places to grab some donuts, at least in our opinion), but the one that everybody waits for is the now annual collection from Roladin.

The 2013 collection from Roladin doesn’t quite hit the high spots of last year’s collection, but they still look pretty damn fine. Plenty of butterscotch, rich chocolate, caramel, and halva to savor, and yes, plenty of calories!

Roladin Hanukkah 2013

See the official site for even more mouthwatering yummyness!

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