Grab your binoculars and cameras, it’s the annual Eilat Bird Festival!

Eilat Bird FestivalUPDATED for 2014!

With birdwatching becoming ever more popular in Israel thanks to its position on the migration route, the annual Eilat Bird Festival is a must-see for ornithologists!

This year’s Eilat Bird Festival is the 8th annual event, and takes place from 23-30 March. With the recent record rainfalls, this year’s festival is expected to be mind-blowing with record numbers of migratory birds expected!

The festival includes free tours to leading birding sites throughout the south of Israel (including The Stars of the Night; Hume’s Tawny Owl, Nubian Nightjars and Pharaoh’s Eagle Owl), as well as interesting program of lectures and presentations every evening.

Check out the official site for more details.

The ornithologists of you out there might also want to check out the Hula Valley Bird Festival, a now annual event held in the amazing Hula Valley in the north of Israel, a stopover for thousands of birds on their migration route.

Here’s a great taste of what to expect in Eilat…



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