Gan HaShlosha (Gan Sachne): a warm-watered pool of paradise!

If you’re in the north of Israel and in need of some cooling pools and true chillout time, head to the Gan HaShlosha National Park, believed by many to be the biblical Garden of Eden!

It’s a little off-the-beaten-track for many tourists, but well worth the drive if you can squeeze it into your itinerary! Just come early to avoid the hordes of locals and the hassle of finding somewhere shady and relatively secluded…

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Visiting Gan Sachne (Gan HaShlosha)

OK, so if you’ve checked out most of the top things to see and do in Israel and you’re here during the long summer months, we can highly recommend a visit to Gan HaShlosha (also known as the Sachne). It might just be the ultimate chillout time for you (and your family), especially if you time it right and don’t choose a weekend (the park works on a first-come first-served basis in peak season because it will get busy).

Set within a national park, the main attraction of Gan HaShlosha is, of course, its refreshing clear water pools that remain at 28°C throughout the year, thanks to their supply from a natural spring. Be aware that the main pool is deceptively deep, especially in the middle (some 5 meters deep), so take that into consideration with the littl’uns. But the other waterfalls and streams are perfect for almost everybody – check out the video at the bottom of the post for an idea of what to expect at Gan HaShlosha.

The area around the pools is covered in lawns, palm trees and other beautiful greenery. You can also find an archaeology museum (which includes Greek tools from the Bet Shean valley, plus Egyptian and Persian artifacts), and the remains of an ancient stockade at Gan HaShlosha (read on below).

Gan HaShlosha: a fascinating history

Without a doubt, this park in the Lower Galilee is truly one of Israel’s most beautiful parks. Legend even has it that the area is, in fact, the site of the biblical Garden of Eden as described in the book of Genesis!

Also of more recent interest is that the first Jewish pioneers of the 1930s erected the tower and stockade settlement of Tel Amal in a single night, back in December 1936. The tower and some of the original buildings have been restored in the park, allowing visitors to see something of what life would have been like for those who lived there.

When to visit Gan Sachne (Gan Hashlosha)

July and August are peak Israeli holiday season and Gan Sachne is always going to be crowded. The really good news is that no matter what the outside temperature is, the spring-fed water in the pools is always a guaranteed 28°C. Springtime and early autumn are ideal for visiting (April through May and October till November), especially on weekdays.

Getting to the park early will ensure that you get a good spot close to the pools. Even in the “off-season”, Fridays and Saturdays (the Jewish Sabbath) are likely to be busy with locals.

How to get to Gan HaShlosha

As it is only a 10-minute drive off road 669 between the Hashita junction and Beit She’an, you could always stop off at Mount Gilboa for a spot of sightseeing and then spend a relaxing day in the pools at Gan HaShlosha. See the map below for directions…

Gan HaShlosha opening times

April to September: 8 am to 5 pm
October to March: 8 am to 4 pm

Note that the park closes one hour earlier on Fridays and holiday evenings and the last entry is always one hour before the park’s closing time.

Entrance Fees: (2019 prices) Adults 39 shekels, children up to the age of 14 – 24 shekels. Note that if you are a member of the National Parks (see their website for details on subscribing), you’ll get in for half price.

And finally, to give you a taste of what to expect at Gan HaShlosha (yes, it will get crowded during peak season, so get there early)…

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