Formula One comes to Jerusalem this summer!

F1 in JerusalemWith F1 in Jerusalem rumors now very long in the tooth, it seems that there really is going to be some kind of Formula One race in Jerusalem in the summer of 2013!

At the end of last week, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat apparently announced that the race will take place, on June 13-14. And while the actual F1 Championship does not look like it will be stopping by at the Holy City, it does look like the F1 circus will be stopping by for some exhibition races!

UPDATE: Called Formula 2013: The Peace Road Show, this two day F1 extravaganza will actually include race cars from Ferrari, Mercedes, Audi, and others, plus a team of professional drivers (including stunt driver Chris Pfeiffer) and technicians from the Italian giants Ferrari! There will also be Ferrari Challenge cars and other high performance cars on display. And you will also be able to see the cars prior to the race, as they will be exhibited at the newly renovated Train Station in Jerusalem from June 9-13.

According to local reports, the exact route is yet to be defined, but it does appear that this summer F1 cars will be screaming past the Old City walls, and going through Mamila, and buzzing by the King David hotel. Pretty incredible stuff!

Roads will obviously be closed for some hours but the tremendous tourist boom the F1 circuit will bring to Jerusalem should outweigh any temporary traffic issues. Thousands of F1 enthusiasts are expected to line the streets (viewing along the route will, of course, be FREE).

Just to confirm the seriousness of the event, Mayor Barkat has already set aside some 2.5 million shekels in the 2013 Jerusalem budget to ensure his city will be ready for Formula One racing cars.

Wow – F1 in Jerusalem, quite possibly the biggest and most happening event of the summer!

When we get more info, we’ll post it here!



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