Fact: Israeli men grow big cucumbers

israeli man cucumberWhile size is often quite an issue in Israel – you’ll often hear Israelis bragging about who has the biggest house, the biggest overdraft, or the smallest mobile phone – one Israeli man has outdone them all by growing quite possibly the biggest ever cucumber in the world.

His monster cucumber has reached a scary length of three feet, ten inches – that’s quite an awesome cucumber. In fact, the kind of cucumber you wouldn’t want to meet down a dark alley.

It’s certainly the largest cucumber ever grown in Israel, and now he’s planning to contact the Guinness Book of Records to check if he has the biggest in the world. The length he has to beat if he wants a place in the record books: two feet, 11 inches.

The man responsible for the huge cucumber puts it all down to natural growth and swears nothing chemical ever touched it. He even says he has grown them big before, even beyond two feet long.

Size does matter. At least in the cucumber growing world it does.

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