50 Years 50 Faces

jerusalem tower of davidThe Tower of David Museum, the iconic symbol of the city of Jerusalem, and the physical meeting point between east and west and old and new, marks Jerusalem Day, Yom Yerusashalyim, and invites the general public to join Mayor Nir Barkat, visit the Tower of David and participate in a range of activities and tours FREE of charge.

The mayor will be opening a new online exhibition, 50 Years 50 Faces. Free entrance | no pre-booking required!

This new exhibition enables you to meet some unforgettable characters, events and stories of Jerusalem past and present. It shows the complex and beautiful anthropological mosaic that makes up Jerusalem, and shows the many faces of the city as the momentous events of 1967 took place.  50 Years 50 Faces records the stories of 50 people, through written testimonies and film as they share with us their story both personal and private as well as national. Each one is unique. The documentary research, films and written narratives will be available for everyone to view from within the Tower of David Museum but also, excitingly, from a special website that has been created for 50 Years 50 Faces via www.tod.org.il.

Meet King David, who while playing his harp will talk about his life and his journey from a shepherd boy to the King of Israel. Meet Solomon, the King that built the First Temple who will tell about the unforgettable visit of the Queen of Sheba and her entourage that brought fragrances and colors from a faraway land, and Herod – the great builder who designed and re-built Jerusalem. He and his wife, Miriam the Hasmonean, will talk about their life as a royal couple. Suleiman the Magnificent will make an unforgettable appearance to meet with one of the chief engineers of his court, and the first British governor, Herbert Samuel, will host a special tea party with Lord Balfour.  Abraham Suramlo will talk about life in Jerusalem in the late 20’s.

Also available for Hebrew speakers, a series of meetings, tours and lectures about the events and people in Jerusalem between 1948-1967.

There are also a series of tours that highlight the rebuilding of Jerusalem (tours in English).



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