Dead Sea facts: 10 things you didn’t know about the lowest place on Earth

We love the Dead Sea round these parts, we really do. And if you’ve never been, it really has to be on your list of must sees when visiting Israel. We’re guessing (OK, presuming) you might have picked up a few bits and bobs about the Dead Sea along your Internet travels, like the amazing ability to float on your back and the health benefits associated with the area, but we have a feeling you don’t know the really good stuff, so…

Here are ten amazing facts about the Dead Sea that you probably didn’t know…

  1. Water flows into the Dead Sea (the Jordan River is the main source of water), but it doesn’t flow out! Why the heck not, I hear you cry…Well, largely due to evaporation as it’s very hot in this area.
  2. Maybe somebody before her spotted the potential (some say Herod the Great), but it was Cleopatra who first loved and thus promoted the Dead Sea, even ordering cosmetic factories and resorts be built along its shores.
  3. The minerals in the Dead Sea all naturally occur within our bodies – yes, you could become your own health resort!
  4. Many centuries ago, one of the popular names of the Dead Sea was “The Stinky Sea”. And it had nothing to do with Cleopatra’s fondness for hummus.
  5. Aristotle used to scribble things about the Dead Sea in his renowned writings.
  6. The Dead Sea is a dinosaur – it’s 3 million years old!
  7. You can take a spin along Road 90, the world’s lowest road, which runs along the shores of the Dead Sea at 393 meters below sea level.
  8. Oh Mummy! Egyptians used to splash some of that Dead Sea mud and asphalt all over in their mummification process of the deceased.
  9. You don’t want to put some Dead Sea salt on your chips – it’s very bitter and not like regular table salt.
  10. Rain is very rare in the Dead Sea – less than 10cm of rain falls in the area every year (an average winter temp of 20-23C might give you a clue as why).

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