A-Sham: the annual Arab Food Festival in Israel!

Arabic food festivalThe Arab Food Festival in Haifa is back!

This year the festival runs from December 6-7, in Downtown Haifa, and will once again celebrate the world of Arab cuisine via unique and varied tastings in restaurants and pubs, culinary meet-ups, musical and dance performances, cookery and craft workshops, lectures and more, from morning to night.

More than 70 leading chefs from the Arab and Jewish sectors will work together to give their personal, contemporary interpretations of traditional dishes from the Levant food culture. A map detailing the participating venues and events will be available in downtown Haifa, at information points in the train station (Mercaz Hashmona), Palmar Street and the Turkish Market.

Each participating venue will serve its own festival dish, priced from 5 – 35 shekels. This year’s festival menu includes dishes from the amazing Turkish chef Kemal Demirasal, famous for his award-winning Alancha restaurant, which has been ranked one of the best in the world!

Local chefs will also be creating special hummus dishes for the festival.

And the list goes on – so yes, go hungry!

Time to go eat!

For more, see the official website.

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