A Jordan Valley gem: the Persephone Eco Retreat!


If you’re looking for something off-the-beaten-track – and something that piques your inner eco-warrior curiosity – the Persephone Eco Retreat in the Jordan Valley might just be the place for you.

Set up in Moshav Sdei Trumot, which is located on Road 90 just south of Beit Shean, the Persephone Eco Retreat looks like it could become one of the must see spots for vegans / vegetarians / eco-warriors in Israel, especially with its mini-eco farm, emphasis on sustainability, and intent on ensuring visitors feel that “being at one with the land” vibe.

We met with the 3 partners who recently (early 2016) set up the retreat (Boris, Kevin, and Sharon) and have to say, were won over by their charm, creativity, and passion. Sitting in their shady, hand-built balcony at the entrance to the retreat, sipping on some sage tea, and enjoying the background chillout tunes played by their plants (yes – you have to check out the singing plants!), it’s easy to get won over by the vegan way of life (but sorry guys, meat and me are partners for life, or so it seems!).


The Persephone Eco Retreat still has some work to undergo (Mongolian Yurt tents are about to arrive, for example), but progress is coming along very nicely, with workshops and mini-tours already available. If you fancy a unique volunteering opportunity helping them build this great little retreat, they will probably welcome you with open arms, just click on the link to their website below to get in touch with them.

And even if you’re not intent on staying over for a couple of days (or more), this place is a great spot for a quick stopover as it’s located right on Road 90, the main highway between the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea – just watch out for the huge multi-colored dome tent as you drive through Sdei Trumot. Tea and coffee are free for all, and there are some great, artisan products to try in their mini-store, including date wine (made according to a Biblical recipe), and apple ciders. If you’re also in the need for some creative inspiration, don’t miss their small art show which includes a freaky Jewish mother – hope she’s still there when you drop by!

Their website: www.perceptionisfunny.com



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