A Beach Party…in Jerusalem!

Yes indeed, a beach party in Jerusalem! Eighty tons of sand, some beats, some ice-cream…ha, who needs Tel Aviv?!

Jerusalem is hardly known for its beach scene (probably because it’s an hour away from the nearest beach!) but this summer things are a -changin’! Next Friday, July 29th, starting at 13:00, you will be able to don your bikini or your speedos, and, of course, your luverly flip-flops, and head on over to the beach party at the Malcha Mall parking lot…

Grab your bucket and spade, as the eighty tons of sand being shipped in should be enough for everyone. And if you can’t grab a space to get all sticky and sweaty and covered in sand, head over to the various stands offering ice-cream, watermelon and even popsicles to cool yourself down.

You’ll also be able to practice your matkot swing (the traditional drive-you-mad- paddle ball game played on most beaches), or your volleyball. And if you bring your dancing shoes (or flip-flops), you can do yout thang to the beats of  DJs Oren SESTA Naim and Roi Mualem.

The beaches of Tel Aviv might not be quaking in their Crocs just yet, but nice to see Jerusalem sharing the beach love!



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