FREE museums, zoos and parks to enjoy this Passover!

Tel Aviv Museum of ArtOK, so if you’re looking for something a little different after soaking up too many rays on the beach (or if you’ve been here way too long and know you’re heading for a traditional, safe BBQ in some ol’ forest), then this could be a game-changer!

Now happening every Passover/Pessach, locals and tourists can enjoy – for FREE – a huge variety of new exhibitions and activities in museums, performing arts festivals and special events throughout the country to add to an already special feeling of celebrating Passover in Israel. Many of the events are equally accessible to tourists as well as locals (but if you’re a tourist you might struggle with the Hebrew here and there – check the links out in the list below).

In all, there are over 40 FREE museums, zoos and parks open during the weekdays of Passover 2019 (NOTE: all are still to be officially confirmed). But to ensure entry, and to avoid the heaving crowds, we recommend you get there early! You could also try calling *2410 when in Israel (most of the openings over Pessach listed below are sponsored by local bank Hapoalim), but we’re not too sure how long that number is good for and if you’ll get a response in English…

We’d also recommend checking out our calendar for events happening over the holiday, plus don’t forget, it’s now beach season (or waterparks, if that’s more your thing)!!!

NOTE: The National Parks Authority in Israel will also be having many sites open for free for members, or with a minimal entrance fee for non-members – but again, get there early, they’ll be busy! Watch out for events like the magical horse show at Caesarea’s ancient hippodrome, or the ancient Nabatean Market at Mamshit!

Where to go in the North over Passover

Ghetto Fighters House Museum;

Hermann Struck Museum;

The International Family Galilee Sculpture Festival in Maalot (call 04-9578871);

The Deer Forest;

The Golan Antiquities Museum (call 04-6961350);

Park Katzrin (call 04-6962412);

Museum Otzrot Bechoma;

Agricultural Experience (call 052-9686789);

Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art;

The National Maritime Museum in Haifa;

The Haifa City Museum;

The Mane Katz Museum;

Museum Umm El Fahem;

The Janko Dada Museum;

Where to go in Central Israel over Passover

Tel Aviv Museum of Art;

The Yitzchak Rabin Center;

Design Museum;

Herzliya Museum;

Israel Cartoon Museum;

The Nachum Gutman Museum of Art;

The Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center

Where to go in Jerusalem/Modiin over Passover

Yad LaShiryon, Latrun;

The  Bible Lands Museum;

The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens;

Tour of the Hasmonean Aqueduct at the City of David

Where to go in the South over Passover

Art Museum Monart Center (Ashdod);

Glass Museum Museum of Philistine Culture;

The Museum of Water and Security at Kibbutz Nir Am;

The Joe Alon Center for Bedouin Culture

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