10 days of musical bliss: the Tel Aviv White City Music Festival!

tel aviv white city music festivalIf you’re looking for a music festival but not quite sure what genre grabs you, the first ever Tel Aviv White City Music Festival could be right down your street!

With a multitude of genres to choose from, including Jazz, Funk, and Rock & Roll, with other genres including Indian Folk and Balkan Beat, the White City Festival will be running for 10 days from 1-10 May, and all shows will be held in Tel Aviv Port, at the Hangar 11 venue.

The supremely talented Bobby McFerrin (yes, he of the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”) will be hosting the Festival, and also performing four gigs himself. Also lined up are a variety of Israeli and International names, including Shlomo Gronich, Oi Va Voi, Steve Hackett, Courtney Pine, Regina Carter, and Shlomi Shaban.

There will also be a number of free street shows to catch, and some scheduled jam sessions. For the full program and info on tickets, check the official Festival website.

And here is Bobby McFerrin, proving he’s so much more than Don’t Worry, Be Happy – just watch what he does at 2:10 – awesome!



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