Speaking the language: Hebrew, the naughty words

swearing in hebrewOK, so you might have got an idea of what to say when you first start speaking Hebrew, but we all know that it’s the juicy profanities we like to get our tongues round when learning a new language. So here it is, a quick guide to swearing your ass off when in the Holy Land. Swearing in Hebrew, a true Holy Land experience, oh yes!

Actually, the best swearing in Hebrew when in Israel is done in English or Arabic. You’ll always hear the words “Fuck” and “Shit” thrown into a sentence, and yes, there’s no need to translate. To show your true worth, swearing in Arabic is the way to go…just make sure you don’t use the Arabic profanities next to an Arab, because they take them to heart. Trust me.

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If you’re looking for a great little book to get you started with Hebrew, this is the perfect book!

In the list below, words/expressions in Arabic are prefixed with a #. Please note: the coughing up something nasty sound is usually made when you spot the β€œch” sound in the list below. For example, chara (shit) should be pronounced cccchhhhhara. Enjoy!

  • zonna – whore, bitch
  • #gachba – whore
  • ben-zonna – son of a bitch
  • bat-zonna – daughter of a whore
  • kelba – bitch
  • #shar-moota – slutty slut
  • chara – shit
  • zoobie – fuck it
  • manyak – bastard
  • miz-day-en – fucker
  • meh-toom-tam – stupid
  • tim-toom – stupidity
  • lech tiz-day-en – fuck off (to a male)
  • lechie tiz-day-nee – fuck off (to a female)
  • tistom-tah-peh – shut the fuck up (to a male)
  • tistamee-tah-peh – shut the fuck up (to a female)
  • tachat – ass
  • zine – dick
  • zine be-ayn – a dick in your eye (refusal to do something)
  • koos – pussy
  • #manoosh – pussy
  • nod – fart
  • #koos-EM-ek – your mother’s pussy
  • #koos-em-em-em-em-em-EM-ek – your mo-mo-mo-mo-mother’s pussy (used to really exaggerate your anger, with stress on the last EM)
  • hapess me sheh ya-enay-otcha – go find someone to jerk you off
  • be-tachat-shelcha – up your ass
  • zine beh-sechel – you’re fucking my brain

For more advanced lessons in the art of swearing in Hebrew in the Holy Land, please contact us here at igoogledisrael.com. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in all my years here, it’s how to swear in Hebrew/Arabic.

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