Tel Aviv Fashion: The Urban Fair

Something I truly adore about the Tel Aviv indie fashion community is the fact that it is so intimate. Designers and fashionistas know each other like old friends. Vintage and clothes sales are held in random apartments, studios, and bars across town.

There couldn’t be a better example than the Urban Fair, a Tel Aviv who’s who of up and coming designers who sold their latest street fashion designs and imported buys last weekend at the Cat & Dog, an offbeat but charming bar near the center of town on 23 Carlibach St. (usually open at all hours of the night, but not during the day). It was created by Yaara Cohen and Karen Zaks, two entrepreneurs who wanted the city to have a taste of the popular street fashion that is slowly but surely becoming a big to-do in Tel Aviv.

While DJs spun electro beats and photo and video art exhibits littered a side room, many Israeli fashion aficionados dressed up for the affair and came out to see the 35 designers and labels chosen by Keren and Yaara.

Many of them have not been heard of yet, but I’m certain they will be household names in Israel very soon. Designers like Dafna Levy, Cica Few, UNUSUAL RIDER and DISCOTACKY produced collections for men and women along with a plethora of accessories, jewelry, shoes, bags, and yes, even designed helmets.

Trendsetters wearing oxford booties, tuxedo blazers, and preppy sweater sets had a taste of the latest fads, including a bevy of sequins, bubble skirts, neon-emblazoned sneakers, graphic prints, and vintage tees.

Let’s take a look at three of the most intriguing labels.

Fashion designer Veronika Blekhstein displayed a special halter that wrapped around the neck in a unique way. She showcased them in an array of colors like stone gray, navy blue, and red. At only 60 shekels, it was quite a steal! You couldn’t buy just one.

Femme fatales Tamar and Keren (on the left) presented their imported Begadim line, a selection of trendy items from London including a ruched green long-sleeve tee with padded sharp shoulders, a black satin dress with red buttons, and plenty of shirts with sequins at the sleeves. They made sure to flaunt their figures in the very latest party pieces from their collection and had everybody staring!

Stylish sista Korin Gold-Megadim of her styling label Developpe showed off her very own jewelry creations, punky charms in silver, black, red, blue, and gold that she created and hand-painted with a flare. She made sure to dress the part too, basking in her jewelry with an edge by pulling together an equally stylish look.

She wore a green top with wide sleeves and red brushstrokes, a black pencil skirt, and the cutest scrunched red belt.

And we all shopped till we dropped!



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