Planning to visit the Holy Land?

Our first question is…what’s taken you so long?!? :-)

Our second question is…do you know what you need to know about Israel to ensure you have an amazing visit/vacation?

Well, we’ve compiled all the practical travel information you need, including info on visas and passports (including the questions to expect when the famed Israeli security start grilling you), the best time to visit Israel, and general travel basics. A great place for all your questions is the FAQ, where we’ve answered many of the questions visitors to Israel tend to ask.

If you’ve got all the basics mastered and are looking for a flight or room, check out our flights section or hotels section. We’ve partnered up with TripAdvisor, the world’s leading travel review site, to bring you the very best deals.

We’ve also got some vital information for those of you wanting to volunteer in Israel or make aliyah. Some of our team have gone through the whole process and will hopefully give you some great tips.

Finally, we’d just like to wish you an amazing visit. And feel free to contact us if you have any questions or tips you’d like to pass on. We’re here to help!

Shalom and Nesiya Tova!
(Goodbye and have a great trip!)

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