Desert Culture Jeep Tour

If exploring the real desert is on your agenda, this Desert Culture Jeep Tour is perhaps the ultimate way to get a taste of life in the desert!

Expect to discover that life in the desert is (1) not boring and (2) it’s one of the few places on earth that’s filled with natural and oftentimes underrated beauty. This desert jeep tour is so full of culture it’s a good kind of overwhelming.

The action starts at the Dead Sea Adventure Hostel in Arad. A short debriefing will be given to all travelers and
once that’s done, your tour will officially begin.

You will be taken through the southern end of the Judean Desert, with its magic and exquisiteness all yours to savor. Expect plenty of desert mountains and of course, you’ll stop at some of the most notable and gorgeous viewpoints in Israel, with views out over Jordan and the Dead Sea.

If that’s not enough, our Desert Culture Jeep Tour will also give you some insights into ancient ways because you’ll get to check out an old, derelict water system.

With this tour, it’s not just about the desert – you will also visit a camp of Bedouin people, a group of Arab
nomads who intentionally lived in the desert, a lifestyle that dates back to historical times. This gives you a chance to hang out with them, chat, and get an unfiltered glimpse of their authentic lifestyle without the influence of modernization, given that this camp is rarely visited by tourists.

Afterwards, it’s time to head back to the jeep and back to the Dead Sea Adventure Hostel.

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