Dead Sea Segway Tours

If you’re looking for a totally unique tour, how about a Segway tour that will have you gliding along the promenade at the Dead Sea OR through the streets of the desert town of Arad?

The lowest Segway tour in the world will have you gliding along the lowest promenade in the world, with surprised bystanders/tourists gawping as you zoom past them! This is a truly unique experience, and a totally unique way of seeing the incredible vistas that make up the Dead Sea coastline. For more information and to book a tour, click here.

If you want something a little different, how about gliding through the streets of Arad? With an interesting history of cultural diversity, Arad is fast becoming a must-see spot, especially thanks to its location at the edge of the desert. This city tour takes you through the Arad Artist’s Quarter and the city itself, with highlights including local ice-cream, street food, and even a local brewery! For more information and to book a tour, click here.

Note that when participating in a Segway tour, you should wear comfortable clothes and closed shoes. Training will be provided for first-time users. You may also want to consider bringing a small bag and some cash, in case you want to purchase anything along the way.

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