Dead Sea Jeep Tour

dead sea jeep tourOK, so if you’re looking for the ultimate jeep tour to add to that Israel travel bucket list, how about a jeep tour at the lowest point on the planet?

This unique Dead Sea jeep tour will introduce you the stunning beauty of nature like you’ve never seen before. And together with the fact that you’ll be exploring the lowest point on the planet, you’ll also be stopping by at another notable spectacle – the legendary Mount Sodom, which is a mountain made of pure salt.

The tours typically start at the Neve Zohar gas station, and after a quick debriefing, you and your fellow
travelers will be off to explore the salt pools of the Dead Sea. Not only will you drive along the shoreline,
there will be some spots where you can actually drive through the Dead Sea waters. This route will take
you straight to Mount Sodom.

Once you’re on the mountaintop, we’ll take a short break for coffee, because, well, who can say no to coffee (and sometimes cookies!)? This is the moment when you take a sip and just take in the spectacular view and the fact that you’re on top of a mountain that is made of salt!

Bring a good camera along because it’s the kind of place you never thought ever existed! But it does, and when you’re there, it’s impossible to not want to overload a memory card full of photos!

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