Picture of the Week

Challah bread

Picture of the Week CLXVI

One of the delights of a Friday morning is, of course, our weekly Pic of the Week. EVEN better than this is Challah bread (yes, it's pronounced Khhhhhallah), th... Read More...
Pictures of Israel

Picture of the Week CLXV

This week we're heading off for a glorious sunset, but a sunset with a difference...yes, that's a helicopter flyby, a common sight along the Israeli coastline -... Read More...

Picture of the Week CLXIV

This week we're up with the sun! To be more accurate, a sunrise over the beautiful western Negev desert... The pic was taken by moshek70, a guy from Jerusale... Read More...
Pictures of Israel

Picture of the Week CLXIII

It's time to get Mediterranean this week, and what better way than with plenty of olives! Olives are pretty huge in Israel, and can be found on almost every din... Read More...
Pictures of the Sea of Galilee

Picture of the Week CLXII

This week we head off to one of our very favorite spots in the Holy Land, the Sea of Galilee. This huge lake can be a stunning place to visit, you just have to ... Read More...

Picture of the Week CLXI

This week we're feeling a little hungry, so have popped down to the Food Fair in Dizengoff Center. Held every Friday, this collection of local food sellers is a... Read More...



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