Eilat named as one of the Top 10 destinations on the rise!

Eilat attractions

If you were (for some strange reason) on the fence about visiting Eilat, the news that Trip Advisor has ranked Eilat as one of the Top 10 world “destinations on the rise” might just be the clincher!

TripAdvisor, probably the world’s biggest travel review site, recently had this to say about the Red Sea holiday resort:

“Charming Eilat is one of Israel’s most popular resort cities. Nestled at the Northern tip of the Red Sea, Eilat’s warm, clear waters are a huge draw for divers, while the reefs of Coral Beach Nature Reserve are perfect for snorkelers. Above sea level, the ancient copper mines of Timna National Park are begging to be explored, as are the shops, bars and restaurants of the seaside promenade”.

The boys and girls at Trip Advisor know a thing or two about city attractions, but forget their awfully long list of Eilat attractions (which include some fairly lame options in our opinion) and check out these TEN Eilat must sees.

Eilat offers some amazing winter weather of course, and with the new Ramon airport opening up in 2017, those warm winters and hot, dry summers with a near guarantee of sunshine virtually year round are just a short flight away for most of Europe.

There are some 12,000 hotel rooms in Eilat, with some of the very best deals right here.

Oh yeh, those warm, clear, wave-free waters are waiting for you and your snorkel!

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