21 environmentally friendly beaches to enjoy this summer in Israel!

Tel Aviv beach

If you’re out there wondering if any of Israel’s gorgeous beaches are environmentally friendly, wonder no more! 21 beaches – and 3 marinas – in Israel have recently been awarded the Blue Flag by the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) for environmental excellence! So, yes, you can swim, surf, and frolic knowing you’re in safe, environmentally clean hands!

The 21 chosen beaches include the following lovelies:

The Herzliya, Eilat, and Tel Aviv marinas were also chosen by EcoOcean for the Blue Flag for being, well, classy marinas.

What makes a Blue Flag beach that little bit more special than other beaches? Well, bathers must comply with the lifeguard and rescue guards, no motor sports (jet skis, boats) are allowed close to shore, motorized vehicles are forbidden on beaches and on the boardwalk, and building fires is also prohibited on the beaches.  Bathing is officially prohibited when there is no lifeguard on duty, and also when the black flag is raised.

So get those flip-flops out, splash on some sun-screen, and get yourselves to the beach!

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