AMAZING Yom Kippur photos that show just how unique this holiday is…

Yom Kippur is Israel’s unique gift to the world. A 25 hour glimpse of life without the hustle and bustle of traffic, mindless reality TV, and people that generally suck. Because Yom Kippur just makes all that crap vanish for a few hours…

If you need more details, click here for more about the ins and outs of this unique Jewish holiday.

Here are some of the pictures we’ve come across, or taken ourselves, which in our opinion, sum up Yom Kippur perfectly…


Yom Kippur Tel Aviv

Yom Kippur Jerusalem

Photo by Daniel Bar On

Photo by Daniel Bar On

Yom Kippur Jerusalem

Photo by Ofir Cohen – click to BIG!

Yom Kippur in Tel Aviv

Jerusalem Yom Kippur

Photo by Itay Levin

Photo by Moti Milrod

Photo by Moti Milrod

Yom Kippur Tel Aviv

Photo by @moweezle

If you’ve got a Yom Kippur picture you think should be included here, drop us a line and we’ll gladly add it (if it’s any good!).

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  1. Avon Cook

    October 2, 2014 at 12:36 am

    People say Australians ” are a weird mob ” and because of their open minded laid back attitude and expressions to,life they have developed a slang way of speaking but they are the only Country in the World that has achieved
    Democracy without a war.

    The Israeli model and assimilation of our a People from more than 140 Countries in 66 years is as a result
    of our 3600 years of tradition will please G-d be a beacon to the World – and hopefully to the Jews in the diaspora
    that “next Year in Jerusalem ” means now”.

    HaShem has kept his Promise to His People and we must keep ours to him

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