Tel Aviv goes Glee flash-mob crazy!

Tel Aviv is starting to get the flash-mob phenomena. Some might argue whether they really are flash-mob, and not just organized street dancing sessions, but following on from the Michael Jackson tribute a few weeks back, Friday was the turn of America’s new hot TV show Glee to get some street action. 

Promoting it’s arrival on Israeli TV, Friday saw two flash-mobs hit Tel Aviv: one in Dizengoff Center, the other at the entrance to Nachalat Binyamin. Two people-infested locations on a usual Friday morning, so a good spot to get some publicity…

Not sure Glee is for us, but we do like a bit of flash!


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  2. Juan Parra

    January 11, 2010 at 11:27 pm

    Just like happen in the Terminal 2 of mexican airport! –>

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