Israel: the Golden Goose for Rock Gods

OK, I have a nice little guide to who’s coming to perform in Israel this year over on the main site, and even though it’s only January, it looks like it’s gonna be a cracker of a year (especially for bank managers…)! There are some mighty fine names there already, including Elton John, The Pixies, Carlos Santana and, er, Rod Stewart.

And some mighty fine names have already been bandied about this week, with rumors of gigs in Israel to come. Metallica and Bob Dylan were this week rumored to be about to name a date with the Holy Land, and I’m guessing that that little list is about to be added to over the next few days and weeks. I haven’t added Metallica and Dylan to my list yet because they are still only rumors, despite what some sites are telling you…

While it’s great that stars of such high caliber are coming to Israel in their droves, particularly after a number of very dry years for music fans, I can’t help thinking that a few of these bands and their promoters are milking the locals for every shekel they can get. There are some ridiculously high prices for tickets in pretty crap locations (Ramat Gan stadium is a pretty manky stadium to host really big names) for bands that are, er, past their sell by date.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed some great gigs over the last couple of years, including The Stranglers, Blondie, Morrissey, Depeche Mode, Paul McCartney and Madonna. I just can’t help feeling that there are some people making some serious money out of these big names and especially out of Israeli music fans’ desperate desire for musical talent…

It’s like these big names have suddenly realized that Israel is this golden goose that ain’t quite as scary as she was a few years ago. A goose that will lay one nice, fat pay day.

But hey, goose or no goose, I’ll be forking out the shekels for The Pixies!


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