A towel shortage in Eilat looms

‘Tis the silly season over here in Israel, as the mercury breaches new heights on the thermometer. And talking of heat, something I’ll never understand is the Israeli passion for Eilat in the summer months – like it isn’t hot enough in Tel Aviv/Jerusalem/Haifa, you need more?

But a recent incident is beginning to make it all a lot clearer. Apparently an Israeli family was nabbed with 63 towels in their suitcases, after vacationing at the Sheraton Moriah Eilat hotel in Eilat. So that’s it – silly or not, the summer months in Eilat are peak towel-grabbing months!

But, hang on, it’s not only the towels – the same family were also caught with some 370 bags of instant coffee!!

In response to questions from the police, the mother of the family indicated that she hadn’t stolen anything – she was just taking what every other Israeli takes when on holiday. So, if you’re planning on vacationing in Eilat, don’t forget to pack another suitcase, for the “freebies” of course…

The Sheraton hotel didn’t notice a large number of towels missing; their theft only came to light when the police came to the family’s house a few hours after they had returned from Eilat, on the suspicion that drugs were in the house.

We say: Crikey!

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