Manta Ray, Tel Aviv – the restaurant with the killer location

One of the places I’ve been meaning to try out for a looong time is Manta Ray, on the promenade between Yafo and Tel Aviv, right on Alma Beach. Probably one of Tel Aviv’s top 10 restaurants and perhaps boasting the killer location that knocks the stuffing out of the competition…

I was there with the wife last Friday morning, just before 9:00 and opening time. The queue was already forming and, as we got inside, we were told that as we hadn’t made a reservation we could sit out on the balcony, but only until 10:00. Fortunately we didn’t plan on spending too long at Manta Ray anyway, so it wasn’t a problem. Just be aware that at the weekend it’s highly recommended to book in advance.

What more can I say about the location, except stunning. Early Friday morning is always nice, especially before the morning rush kicks in for the pre-Shabbat shopping-fest, but here you are, just metres away from the Mediterranean, Yafo in the distance, a gentle sea breeze keeping things pleasant, even in the peak summer months…and with some mighty fine food on the plate in front of you.

Shakshuka was the breakfast option for us, and it went down nicely, accompanied by some great breads and dips. Manta Ray also has some tasty looking options in bacon and eggs and french toast, so you’re sure to find something to settle that rumbling ogre in your belly. Our bill came to 68 shekels, including drinks, and we were both fairly stuffed. Service was also good; as soon as we had sat down a waiter had already parked himself beside our table.

Next time we come (and I’m sure there’s going to be a next time!), we’ll be sure to try some of the renowned Manta Ray mezze (appetizers), some of which you can see in the picture at the top of the page. And if you’re looking for a romantic spot, where you can catch a sunset, sip some wine, beer or ouzo and nosh on some nibbles, this is your place. 

They also have a nice website, but only in Hebrew I’m afraid. Guys, this is your only flaw…

Telephone:  03-5174773


  1. Diesel13

    June 29, 2010 at 1:40 pm

    Ever since I have come back from Israel, while staying in the popular Neve tzedek I have been dying to sink my teeth into reviewing this absolute mess of a restaurant.
    As someone who enjoy good food and fine wines while at the same time appreciating quality service I was so upset to see how this restaurant has just become full of itself. I was particularly quite unimpressed when my wife was turned away at 4:00 PM by the security guard who told her that if she wanted a coffee she should go to a coffee shop and that they serve food here (I’m surprised he did not instruct her just to blatantly f**k off).

    The Restaurants I go to in Israel are about food, and quality service. I don’t know how on earth this place is going to remain the institution it once was. I recommend firing all of your staff for a start and then taking one good look in the mirror to remember who you are and what you do (it’s called the service industry because you are supposed to be providing it as such). If you guys wanted a night club then just call it the Mantaray night club and put 2 bouncers at the door.

    I am so glad that after spending nearly $10,000 in Israel with my family that I did not spend one red cent in here!

    To think that I remembered coming here with my fiancée and introducing my mother to her. How dare these people destroy the image of a great restaurant!


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  3. Manta Ray, never again

    June 16, 2011 at 12:22 am

    We came there on Thursday evening to celebrate birthday, just my partner and me. We were in a good mood, expecting to have a nice supper. None at the entrance even looked at us – can’t say someone from staff members was standing there at all (this is an important fact – remember it!). The place was half full. We’ve chosen a table for two on the open terrace and after 10 minutes managed to catch a waiter and asked him to bring us the menu. Nothing happened during the next 20 minutes, and we saw the same waiter serving other tables. SUDDENLY some girl came to us and, without introducing herself, asked in a very rude and unpleasant manner if we have reserved the table. We told “no we haven’t” – because we didn’t know we have to reserve a table (which is quite normal cause the place doesn’t look as a fancy restaurant – just a beach caffee). Then she told we had to stand at the entrance and to wait until the hostess will let us come in, and you just SNICKED in (!!!). We answered: “First of all, we didn’t SNICK in, we just came in and none asked us anything or even looked at us. And we sit here already 30 minutes and didn’t even get the menu”. She told: “The tables here are ordered”. We asked: “So you mean you want us to come and leave?” She said: “Yes, please”. We were so much shocked by such attitude of the place and so much pissed off so we didn’t even want to make a scandal or try to stand on our own, we just kicked ourselves out of there.

    Resume: First they let you come in because they don’t know how to organize correctly their hostess work, then they make you waiting for 30 minutes, and when they find out you “SNICKED” in (such a nasty and rude expression, making you feel like 14 y.o. boy that did smth wrong) they just come and say you need to go. Seems they have too many clients and not really interested in the new ones – well, Manta Ray: you lost us forever!

    Things like that never happened to us even in much better restaurants, and we never got offended by the staff in any place where we came to spend the money! Manta Ray is snobbish as if it had 3 Michelin stars but actually it’s another seafood eatery popular among tourists for its good location – not more.

    • Ashley

      June 16, 2011 at 10:23 am

      Sorry to hear you had a hard time. Have to say because of their popularity, reserving a table in advance has become the norm, especially for the tables on the terrace. Looks like they screwed up big-time with no-one at the door. Never mind – there are a ton of other great restaurants in Tel Aviv!

  4. Bernardo Ptasevich

    February 12, 2017 at 10:25 pm

    Este restaurante trabaja en combinación con los conserjes de los hoteles y eso lo hace muy antipático. Me molesto mucho todo el trámite previo del hotel David Continental donde su conserje nos inclinó la balanza para este sitio y nos mando tomar frio caminando casi un kilómetro. Eso si, cuando llegamos y cenamos, nada malo para decir. Atención esmerada y comida excelente. Sali mucho mas contento de lo que entre, asi que en resumen, sufrimos un poco pero la pasamos bien.

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